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What will your next Drow be called?

In the never ending tunnels and caverns of The Depths, self reliance is the most revered trait of all. Drow culture is often mistaken as cruel to surface dwellers, but that’s just because they can’t see the need for the harsh fostering of the young, and the shunning of the unable, because weakness doesn’t survive in The Depths.

Drow names are complex and carry the echo of ancient magic and dark, intricate histories, the perfect starting place for a unique NPC or interesting new player character. This Drow name generator should be useful for both Game Masters and players preparing for a game.

D66 Drow name generator

Below is a D66 Drow name generator, with 72 unique names, both male and female. To generate a name just roll 2D6 where one die represents the tens digit and the other the ones digit, so a roll of 2+6 would be 26, and thus; Aumrauth Kl’aeĀ  or Myrynda Nath, depending on if you want a male or female drow name.

D66 RollMale Drow NamesFemale Drow Names
11Velkyn BaenreShriin Mizzrym
12Phyxal FaenIlivarra Tlabbar
13Ryltar XorlarrinFaelynn Duskryn
14Vorgyrn DespanaOlorae Vrinn
15Xundus KenafinVaelanya Fey-Branche
16Zar'riin MelarnNyloth Mae'vir
21Nalfeyn DalaelBaelra Do'Urden
22Mourn OrlytlarChalithra Helviiryn
23Dhaunyl MylylDrada Hun'ett
24Jaelryn IllistynFilynrae Barrison
25Zyndar DevirUlviira Mlezziir
26Aumrauth Kl'aeMyrynda Nath
31Seldszar GodeepT'risryl Khalazza
32Veldrin HunzrinXullrae Hun'ett
33Ilmryn RrostarrYathtallar Baenre
34Nym ZauvirrWendara Noquar
35Baenre RotheShurdriira Mizzrym
36Guldor SymryvvinIlphique Freth
41Felynor SruneQuenthel Pharn
42Kelnozz TormtorElendarra Mae'vir
43Malaggar CladdaniJhaelryn Druu'giir
44Noquar OusstylUlviirala Ghaun
45Ryld FilifarWaerva Oussa
46Hadrhune HlaundZesstra Ssambra
51T'zarreen Mae'yukErelhei-Cinlu Raunghar
52Ghaundan XundViconia Szind
53Tsabrak XiltynAkordia Yril
54Zael NizzreNedylene Druu'giir
55Quarfein AlevalLledrith Niri'ul
56Ildan Vesz'taVierna Jhalavar
61Rizzen Fey-BrancheSsin'urn Chaulssin
62Zyn AlevalAleandra Vonnarc
63Syrdar ShobalarBriza Despana
64Charinida Kl'aeTalabrina Dalael
65Ulchabar XiltynMelarn Kl'ae
66Lualyrr MylylSiNafay Quave

Closing thoughts on these Drow names

Good Drow names should feel mysterious, be just complex enough and sort of exude darkness in some sense. I hope I’ve succeeded with that when I created these name, and hopefully you end up using them in your game!

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