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Is a Cleric without a powerful name even worthy of their powers?

Good cleric names carry a heavy weight of authority and sanctity, befitting their role as the hand of their deity. Unlike other character types, a cleric’s name should evoke a sense of reverence, tradition, or mystique, reflecting their devout background and the deity they serve.

Even if cleric and paladin names are sort of similar, I personally think that a good paladin name should have more of a military tone, whereas a cleric’s name should focus on the sacred herald aspect of the “divine enforcer class fantasy” they both share.

Below are 72 unique cleric names, equally balanced between human, elven and dwarven ancestries.

D66 Cleric names

This list should be equally useful for both Game Masters setting up a new religious sect led by a prominent cleric, or players looking to create a cleric with a memorable and meaningful name. Either pick a name, or roll two six-sided dice (2D6) and find the perfect name for the character who might belong to any pantheon or religion in games like DnD 5e, Pathfinder, Adventurous or other fantasy settings.

D66 RollMale Cleric NamesFemale Cleric Names
11Elric LightbringerSeraphina Gracegiver
12Malthus DawnwardAlthea Starblessed
13Gideon TruthseekerIsolde Moongrace
14Thaddeus IronprayerMiriel Lightweaver
15Zadok StormcallerEuphemia Holyheart
16Aldous ShieldbearerRowena Faithsong
21Orin SacredflameFreesia Soulweaver
22Lucian StarcloakCeleste Divinehand
23Darien LightfootOrianna Sunwhisper
24Jareth MoonwardEleanora Blessingbearer
25Caspian SerenityTheodora Dreamdiviner
26Ezekiel PeacebinderLysandra Skydancer
31Tobias SpiritwielderPhilomena Peaceward
32Benedict ShardshelterGuinevere Moonbinder
33Silas EarthsongArabella Fairshield
34Nathaniel StarshieldKaterina Lifecaller
35Barnabas DawnbringerCallista Soulheart
36Abelard LightbaneCassandra Trueword
41Phineas WardgiverEsmeralda Purelight
42Hadrian GraveblessGwendolyn Dreamforge
43Leopold OathkeeperUrsula Hearthward
44Quentin ShieldrightMarigold Starhaven
45Percival PuresongDelilah Swiftsong
46Idris MoonbladeViola Nightblessing
51Reuben GoldenshieldFiona Lightstar
52Eleazar FireheartHelena Goldenspirit
53Solomon NightseekerBethany Silverlight
54Uriel StrongfaithLydia Dawnchant
55Matthias SunwardenPenelope Cloudwatcher
56Raphael StarforgeBrienne Earthwhisper
61Gavriel SagebinderAnastasia Starfall
62Cornelius HolybladeMireille Moonsong
63Elias StormweaverSabrina Flameheart
64Isaac LightstormCordelia Sunfire
65Jeremiah PeacekeeperNadia Hearthglow
66Simeon TruthwindAurora Lightdancer

Feel free to use the names as they are or adapt them slightly to better suit the specific religious contexts of your campaign’s setting or your cleric’s personal story.

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