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May your roar be heard across the realms!

Barbarians are known for their primal strength, unbridled fury, and often, their intriguing names. Whether you’re a GM prepping a new campaign or a player looking for a thematic name for your new Wildheart Barbarian this D66 table of Barbarian names will hopefully come in handy. Just gather 2D6 and roll on the table below for some furious inspiration!

D66 Barbarian names

D66 RollName
11Krag Stonejaw
12Elga Ironfist
13Borin Axebreaker
14Zara Wolfbane
15Rognar Stormbeard
16Thrym Hearteater
21Freya Wildmane
22Haldor Beastslayer
23Yrsa Thundermaiden
24Einar Skullcrusher
25Gorm Redaxe
26Skadi Snowblood
31Balgur Ironhide
32Helga Battleborn
33Ivar Bloodspike
34Astrid Bearclaw
35Gudrun Spearshard
36Harald Warfist
41Brunhilde Ravenscream
42Olaf Frosthammer
43Sigrid Flamehair
44Ragnar Earthshaker
45Ulfar Blackblade
46Ingrid Stormcaller
51Bjorn Ironside
52Sif Shadowstalker
53Torgar Wolfhowl
54Gunhild Giantsbane
55Asger Thunderfist
56Thyra Bloodaxe
61Jorund Wildheart
62Ylva Iceveins
63Hagar Dragonhide
64Frigg Shieldmaiden
65Lodbrok Ravenfeather
66Anja Stormbrew

Feel free to use these names as they are, or tweak them a bit to better fit your campaign’s setting or your character’s background or ancestry. Remember, a Barbarian’s name can often reflect their personality, heritage, or a significant event in their life. So, choose a name that resonates with your character and may your roar be heard across the realms!

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