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May your roar be heard across the realms!

Barbarians are known for their primal strength, unbridled fury, and often, their intriguing names. Whether you’re a GM prepping a new campaign or a player looking for a thematic name for your new Wildheart Barbarian this D66 table of Barbarian names will hopefully come in handy.

D66 Barbarian names

Below are 72 thematic Barbarian names, and all you need to do is pick up 2D6 and refer to the D66 table below for some furious inspiration! One die will represent the tens digit and one the ones digit, so rolling 5+1 results in 51: “Angantyr Wildblood” or “Ingifrith Fireblood” depending on wether you want a male or female name for your Barbarian.

D66 RollMale Barbarian NamesFemale Barbarian Names
11Korgak BonecrusherArta Bearmaiden
12Drax WolfbloodMorna Stormhowler
13Grommash IronhideSkara Wildfang
14Thorgrim SkullsplitterKaela Firemane
15Hrothgar EarthshakerElvira Iceheart
16Volund WindreaverThalvia Thunderaxe
21Ragnok HammerfistBrenna Wolfstride
22Brom BattlebornJora Deathwhisper
23Ulfar SteelflameFreydis Snowhunter
24Grashnak FurytotemHelka Frostblade
25Njal StormcallerVebjorg Ravenshield
26Gunnar RageheartGudrid Earthscream
31Einar WildbornSiv Moonrage
32Skor BloodaxeRuna Spiritwalker
33Bjarni GoreclawYrsa Firesoul
34Hakon RockfistHalla Skyseer
35Torvald GrimstormTove Bearclaw
36Lief BlackwindAesa Wolfsister
41Yngvar ShadowstalkerKetil Starblade
42Baldir IronbrowAstrid Stormwielder
43Jorund TreecleaverEira Thundermaiden
44Sigurd BeastslayerSkathi Ironwill
45Frode EarthsplitterHilda Stormbreaker
46Brandr BloodsongGeira Ravenheart
51Angantyr WildbloodIngifrith Fireblood
52Valgard IceveinsJorunn Snowveil
53Rurik ThunderhandBrynild Battlesong
54Alaric NightbladeBergrisar Giantsbane
55Orm StonebreakerFritha Beastbinder
56Varg SunstalkerGormlaith Goldenaxe
61Björn IronfistSigrid Flamehair
62Harald BluesteelThyra Shieldmaiden
63Knut DarkhowlerSwanhild Battlecry
64Ragnar FurycloakIduna Wildheart
65Torgar AxebladeKatla Skyhunter
66Arngeir BlazebornAudhild Dragonseeker

Feel free to use these names as they are, or tweak them a bit to better fit your campaign’s setting or your character’s background or ancestry. Remember, a Barbarian’s name can often reflect their personality, heritage, or a significant event in their life. So, choose a name that resonates with your character and may your roar be heard across the realms!

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