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By the holy light!

Paladins have always been my personal favorite among the classic fantasy classes. The heavy armors, the hammers and the glorious righteousness are all traits the resonate well with me. And any good paladin character must have an equally glorious name, therefore, I present this list of 36 unique paladin names, structured in a D66 table, so that you can easily pick up two holy D6s and get a suitable name for your character or an NPC in your campaign.

D66 Paladin names

D66 RollPaladin Name
11Thaddeus Brightshield
12Sigurd Lightbringer
13Alaric Sunhammer
14Theodoric Dawnblade
15Benedict Silverhand
16Leonhart Truthstrike
21Baldric Starglow
22Osric Valorbound
23Galahad Gloryhart
24Edric Lionmantle
25Faramond Skywarden
26Godric Honorbound
31Isolde Whiteblade
32Maelis Starlight
33Seraphina Moonshield
34Rosalind Lightveil
35Aveline Truthseeker
36Gwendolyn Lionheart
41Ulric Purityshield
42Dietrich Faithkeeper
43Roderick Virtueblade
44Albrecht Hopebearer
45Wolfram Dawnwatcher
46Maximillian Starfist
51Dierdre Lightsworn
52Elara Glorygaze
53Rowena Highcrest
54Serilda Faithmantle
55Vesta Purityheart
56Liora Dawnweaver
61Aric Thunderheart
62Baldwin Radiantsword
63Conrad Stormshield
64Gerhardt Justicar
65Lothar Valorheart
66Reinhardt Luminary

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