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By the holy light!

Paladins have always been my personal favorite among the classic fantasy classes. The heavy armors, the hammers and the glorious righteousness are all traits the resonate well with me. And any good paladin character must have an equally glorious name, therefore, I present this list of 72 unique paladin names, structured in a D66 table, so that you can easily pick up two holy D6s and get a suitable name for your character or an NPC in your campaign, perhaps you are running our module; The Crimson Monastery, then you can easily expand the rooster of evil paladins with the help of this list!

D66 Paladin names

D66 RollMale Paladin NamesFemale Paladin Names
11Aldric ShieldheartSeraphine Justlight
12Elwin SwordfaithGisella Dawnbringer
13Tiberius ValorsonElara Truthguard
14Galen IronwillIliana Graceblade
15Percival GoldenvowBrielle Lightwielder
16Edmund StronghammerCassandra Starshield
21Hadrian RighteousMirabel Holyward
22Justus GreatheartCelestia Pureheart
23Orland StormcloakAnnalise Brightspear
24Lancelot WardfighterElysande Shieldmaiden
25Garrick FaithbladeIsolde Moonhelm
26Bertrand SunwardHelena Valorcrest
31Godfrey ThunderaxeKatarina Divinefist
32Sylvester HolybladeLucinda Starfall
33Darian LightbearerArabella Dawnseeker
34Merek GraceswordFiona Faithbinder
35Reginald PeacekeeperGwendolyn Lightbringer
36Geoffrey IronmarkValeria Oathkeeper
41Baldwin TruesteelRowena Sacredflame
42Roland HeartguardOriana Shieldheart
43Tristan OathboundJuliana Glorystone
44Gerard LionheartMelisande Purelight
45Nathaniel FaithguardIsabella Dawnblade
46Leofric StormswordAdelina Faithshine
51Torin JusticarClarissa Lightbearer
52Erasmus SteelfistEleanor Graceheart
53Wulfric BrightbladeTheodora Stargazer
54Godric SilverknightMarianne Honorblade
55Sigurd HolyfireRosalind Devoutblade
56Conrad ValorheartVivienne Sunstrike
61Damien StarswornLavinia Sacredsong
62Benedict DawnriderClarice Righteous
63Osbert LightswornMathilda Holywalker
64Anselm WarprayerBeatrice Lightstrider
65Eustace SacredstrikeAgnes Shieldspark
66Humphrey GuardianlightLorelei Guardianstar

Feel free to mix and match the names as you see fit, and use them freely in any campaign you prep, be it for personal use or for others. And remember, Praise the Sun!

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