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3 Reasons why Adventurous is a great alternative to DnD!

Are you a DnD 5e player that want to try something new? Then we think that Adventurous might be the perfect game for you.

1: Class design

Adventurous features the eight iconic classes that you’ve come to expect from a fantasy ttrpg. This will make DnD players feel right at home.

All classes have a set of defining abilities, these make each class feel unique and familiar for DnD 5e players. But these abilities also help bridge the “Martial vs Caster” gap that has long been an issue in DnD.

Warriors have a powerful whirlwind attack and can enter furious rage. Rogues can turn invisible and hurl smoke bombs to confuse foes. Wizards summon great fireballs and can control the minds of his enemies. All classes feel unique and their power scales well all the way from first to max level.

2: Dungeon exploration procedures

Where are the dungeons in Dungeons & Dragons? This has long been a discussion in the ttrpg community. Back in the days┬áDnD used to be about that; exploring dungeons, and fighting dragons, thus the name. But modern DnD has been lacking anything reminiscent of dungeon delving since the early 2000s. So if you are a 5e player wanting to get “back to the roots” or just want a taste of that fabled dungeon delving experience, Adventurous won’t disappoint!

The dungeon exploration rules in Adventurous serves two clear purposes:

  1. To keep the tension high when exploring dungeons
  2. To help the game master keep track of time

In essence, the procedure is that for every explorative move the player characters make in the dungeon the GM adds on D6 to a pool, this represents that 10 minutes have passed. When the pool reaches six dice, one hour has passed and the party need to light new torches, but it’s also time to roll the dice pool! Depending on the number of 1s and 2s that are rolled, different things happen to the party, from suffering from stress to monster encounters.

It’s a smooth way of making the GMs job easier and at the same time adding some much needed tension when exploring dungeons.

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3: Easy to learn, play and run!

To learn to play Adventurous you only need to read a few pages of rules and figure out which class you want to play as, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Adventurous is a rules light game with a simple but robust core mechanic as it’s base. This makes the game easy to play. You won’t have to look up niche rules mid game or refer to the book to determine what you need to roll to succeed at a task, it’s all on your character sheet!

The game is also built to minimize the amount of work the GM need to do. All dice rolls are player-facing, monsters have randomized attacks, there are no difficulty classes to consider and experience points are awarded automatically during play. This minimizes the amount of prep the GM has to do, and the number of things to keep track of during play.

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Give it a try!

Adventurous is available on DriveThruRPG, but if you want to learn more about the game you should read our Quickstart rules, they have everything you need to run a session of Adventurous, completely free!

Check out Adventurous on DriveThruRPG!