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Adventurous ttrpg

Below you find links to guides, inspiration, modules and resources made for the Adventurous tabletop role-playing game

What kind of game is Adventurous?

Adventurous is a rules-light and streamlined fantasy game in the OSR vein. It uses a D6 Dicepool core mechanic that handles everything from combat to jumping across a chasm.

Adventurous is built for speed and ease of use, but still offers the eight iconic classes, each with unique abilities and features. Whether you’re coming from modern TTRPGs (like D&D 5e), old-school games, or video games, Adventurous will feel familiar.

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In the core rule book you will find:

  • 179 pages filled content
  • All the core rules, from character creation to combat
  • Eight iconic classes with distinct abilities
  • A bestiary containing 33 classic creatures, all with unique abilities and behaviour
  • Equipment lists and common services
  • Procedures for dungeon exploration and overland travel
  • Magic items, cursed items and rules for potion brewing
  • A campaign setting and region map with unique rumors to use as adventure
  • seeds
  • 20 pages of Game mastering advice
  • Character sheets
  • Game master cheat sheet

All the rules and resources you need, in one single book.

Quickstart rules

The easiest way to learn more about Adventurous and how the game works is to check out the quickstart rules. There you will find everything from the core mechanic, to classes, abilities and combat explained simply.

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Official adventure modules

There are currently two official adventure modules available for Adventurous, The Serpent Cult and The Crimson Monastery.

The serpent Cult is a short and sweet adventure that can be completed in one evening.

The Crimson Monastery is a mini campaign set in a small region where the players can discover hidden treasure, dangerous beasts and friendly NPCs.

The Serpent CultThe Crimson Monastery
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