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Celebrating One Year of Adventurous!
This week, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Adventurous Fantasy RPG. To commemorate this milestone, we are happy to offer all Adventurous products at 50% off!

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Snakes and vines, the best the jungle can offer…

The jungle has always been a fascinating place for me. The lush greenery, damp air and ancient ruined cities makes for a fantastic place for adventure, both for me inte the real world, and for the PCs in my home game. The main difference between the real world and your preferred fantasy world is of course the unique and dangerous creatures that dwell there, I don’t count on running into any lizardmen when hiking in the jungle.

As a game master, one thing I love about the jungle is the fact that it’s easy to create interesting and thematic environmental hazards and obstacles, people tend to expect quicksand, strangling vines and boiling pits of mud when exploring the jungle, which makes for some epic adventuring. Below is a D66 table with 36 unique jungle encounter, concocted to infuse your narrative with the wild, unpredictable essence of the jungle, and they all work perfectly in fantasy tabletop role-playing game, such as Adventurous, DnD 5e and Cairn.

D66 Jungle encounters

Just roll 2D6 where one die determiens the tens digit and the other the ones digit. A Roll of 2 & 6 means “26: An enchanted clearing where time moves differently.”.

D66 RollEncounter
11A hidden temple overrun by aggressive vine creatures.
12A pool of quicksand disguising the entrance to a subterranean cave.
13An old hermit living amongst the trees, with knowledge of ancient paths.
14A tribe of jungle gnomes willing to trade exotic goods.
15A ferocious jaguar guarding a sacred shrine.
16A sudden torrential rain that floods the area.
21A group of explorers lost and desperate for help.
22A cursed idol that brings misfortune to those who touch it.
23A bridge of intertwined vines spanning a deep chasm.
24A swarm of venomous insects guarding a treasure.
25A tree with sap that has potent healing properties.
26An enchanted clearing where time moves differently.
31A band of ghostly warriors doomed to relive their last battle.
32A nest of harpies preying on unsuspecting travelers.
33A mysterious pool where reflections reveal future events.
34A tribe of hostile lizardfolk defending their territory.
35A jungle druid seeking aid to lift a curse from the land.
36A sudden infestation of carnivorous plants.
41An eerie graveyard of a forgotten tribe with restless spirits.
42A waterfall hiding the entrance to a hidden cave.
43A massive snake guarding the ruins of an ancient city.
44An ornate chest lying amidst the roots of a giant tree.
45A gigantic spider web with its owner lurking nearby.
46A crumbling statue holding a map to a treasure.
51A secluded lagoon with a lonely nymph.
52An overgrown pathway leading to an abandoned village.
53A sudden outbreak of a mysterious jungle fever.
54An ancient stone circle radiating a strange energy.
55A treacherous mudslide uncovering the entrance to a forgotten tomb.
56A tribe of monkeys who steal the party's belongings.
61An ominous totem warning of danger ahead.
62A lost caravan of merchants with valuable goods for trade.
63A clearing filled with luminescent flowers under a full moon.
64A group of treacherous quicksands shifting location.
65A broken-down wagon with signs of a recent ambush.
66An ancient tree speaking the language of a long-lost civilization.

If you enjoy these jungle encounters, check out our D66 Forest encounters and D66 Desert encounter, they contain the same type of system agnostic encounters, ready to drop into your next campaign!


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