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Celebrating One Year of Adventurous!
This week, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Adventurous Fantasy RPG. To commemorate this milestone, we are happy to offer all Adventurous products at 50% off!

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Boggy mysteries at every turn…

Navigating the dense, wet mires of swamp settings brings a set of unique challenges and atmosphere to your campaigns. Swamps, with their lurking dangers and hidden secrets, are the perfect place for unexpected encounters and narrative twists. We all know those days when creativity seems to ebb a bit low, and the usual swamp creatures like hags or crocodiles feel repetitive. To keep the sense of unknown alive, and to ensure a fresh twist for your players, this D66 table of swamp encounters is your handy tool. One roll, and you’ve got a situation that can either be used directly or serve as the base for further improvisation.

Each encounter, whether hazardous or beneficial, is carefully crafted to inject an element of surprise into the story. They are designed to be system neutral, fitting seamlessly into any game world or campaign setting. From illuminating plants to submerged golems, the array of options adds layers to your swamp-based narrative. It’s not just about combat; it’s about weaving a tale that’s as unpredictable and complex as the swamp itself. Your adventurers could be helping a lost fairy one moment and navigating through hallucinogenic spores the next. Whatever the result of your dice roll, let it be the springboard to memorable adventure!

D66 Swamp Encounters

Roll 2D6, letting the first die set the tens digit and the second decide the ones. For instance, a roll of 3 and 5 lands you with 35: “A serene pool of water that has healing properties when bathed in during the full moon”. If this table piques your interest, be sure to look into our D66 Desert Oasis events or D66 Mountain Landmarks tables.

D66 RollEncounter Description
11A giant crocodile sunning itself on a mudbank. Approaching may lead to combat.
12Thick, quicksand-like mud that requires a Strength or Dexterity check to escape.
13A lost tribe of frogfolk who are initially cautious but may become allies if approached peacefully.
14An old hermit living in a moss-covered hut. He offers a potion in exchange for a favor.
15A horde of swamp zombies, emerging from the bog and pursuing any living creatures.
16A grove of luminescent plants. Consuming them grants temporary night vision.
21A bubbling spot in the water that emits poisonous gas. Requires a Constitution save or suffer poison.
22A traveling merchant stuck in the mud, offering a discount if helped out.
23A will-o'-the-wisp leading the way to a hidden treasure, but also to potential danger.
24A sunken temple half-submerged in the swamp waters, rumored to be cursed.
25A rare, beautiful bird which, if followed, may lead to a mystical shrine.
26An ancient tree with a hollow inside, containing a stash of old coins and a map.
31A stranded fairy, injured and seeking assistance to return to its home.
32An aggressive tribe of lizardfolk patrolling their territory.
33A broken-down wagon with a chest. Inside, an artifact that seems to hum with magic.
34A territorial swamp giant, hurling rocks at any who venture too close.
35A serene pool of water that has healing properties when bathed in during the full moon.
36A wandering ghost seeking closure. Helping it may grant a blessing.
41Venomous snakes hanging from a low tree branch. Require a Perception check to notice in time.
42A crashed airship, with its crew captured by hostile swamp creatures.
43A circle of standing stones that teleports anyone in the center to a different part of the swamp.
44Mushrooms that emit a hallucinogenic spore. A Wisdom save is needed to resist their effects.
45A massive serpent, rumored to guard an ancient treasure, slithers nearby.
46A patch of land where the gravity is oddly lighter. Jumping grants temporary increased height and distance.
51A bog witch offering fortune-telling in exchange for a personal item.
52Quicksand! It pulls in creatures swiftly, requiring teamwork to escape.
53A group of adventurers camped out, willing to trade stories and supplies.
54An eerie, glowing mist that confuses and leads travelers astray.
55A tree with a face, offering wisdom of the swamp in a riddle.
56A swarm of blood-sucking insects, attacking any warm-blooded creature nearby.
61A submerged golem, waking up when someone comes close, and defending its territory.
62A sprite dance. Watching without disturbing grants a boon of good luck.
63A huge spider web blocking the path, with its monstrous creator lurking nearby.
64A collapsed bridge, requiring ingenuity and skill to cross the treacherous waters below.
65A guardian water spirit, asking riddles to those wishing to pass.
66An ancient obelisk inscribed with a forgotten language. Deciphering it reveals a powerful secret.

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