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Will the singing sand dunes attract monsters?

The desert is a great place for adventure, the unforgiving desert sun and the lack of water makes just being there an adventure worth telling stories about, add some giant scorpions, a mummy and few ancient tombs and you’ve got the stuff that bards will sing about for centuries to come!

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D66 desert encounters

D66 RollEncounter
11A lost caravan of traders, their supplies dwindling and desperately in need of a guide.
12An ancient, sun-bleached skeleton, clutching a treasure map.
13A sudden sandstorm that forces the party to find shelter.
14A traveling merchant with a collection of rare and magical artifacts.
15A wandering mummy lord, cursed to roam the desert for eternity.
16A scavenging group of kobolds, who have adapted to the desert environment.
21A seemingly ordinary cactus that comes to life and attacks when approached.
22A small desert village being tormented by a sandworm.
23An oasis, with a hidden entrance to a forgotten underground temple.
24A trio of nomadic orc herders on their riding beasts, willing to trade.
25A mirage leading the party astray, guided by a mischievous desert spirit.
26A giant scorpion's nest with egg sacs that are about to hatch.
31A lost child from a nearby city, dehydrated and frightened.
32An ancient obelisk, radiating a strange magical energy.
33A whirlwind that sweeps up one of the party members and deposits them in a distant location.
34An exiled elf, who is an expert survivalist and has adapted to life in the desert.
35A secret hideout of desert bandits, with their loot stashed.
36A dying dragon, offering its treasure hoard to anyone who can perform its last request.
41A group of dune-dwelling goblins attacking from below the sand.
42A massive desert tortoise, old and wise, who may know secrets of the desert.
43A haunted oasis, populated by spectral figures at night.
44A natural phenomenon of singing sand dunes, that could attract unwanted creatures.
45A group of explorers from a far-off land, lost and out of supplies.
46A cave, inside is a pool of water and magical, luminescent plants.
51A lone djinni trapped in an old lamp, willing to barter its freedom for wishes.
52A horde of undead, rising from the desert sands under a full moon.
53An old hermit who can cast powerful divination spells.
54A sand-sunken ruin of an ancient civilization, filled with traps and treasures.
55A swarm of flesh-eating beetles that burrow under the sand.
56A wandering ghost ship, crewed by the undead, roams the desert due to a curse.
61A rare desert flower in bloom, its nectar is a powerful potion ingredient.
62A strange meteorite crash site, radiating unknown energy.
63A sudden flash flood caused by a distant rainstorm.
64A group of desert elves on a hunting mission, suspicious of strangers.
65A giant vulture's nest atop a rock outcropping, full of shiny stolen objects.
66An ancient and rare desert drake spotted in the distance, a sight few have ever seen.

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