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Monasteries and ogres await!

Navigating through the treacherous trails of a mountain range can test the mettle of any adventurer. The crisp air, the rugged terrain, and the call of the unknown from atop the peaks. A good list of random encounters truly elevates (pun intended) any great mountain adventure. Be it a wise hermit with ancient knowledge, a precarious cliff that challenges their acrobatics, or a mysterious cave with whispers of a forgotten civilization, a good encounter can transform a mere hike into a memorable escapade.

Below is a table of mountain encounters is tailored to introduce an element of the unexpected and the enigmatic into your campaign. It’s more than just combat scenarios; it’s about creating instances that will linger with your players well beyond the session. Whether it’s the awe of discovering a hidden monastery of monks or the adrenaline of escaping an avalanche, each encounter here is a narrative waiting to unfold, a puzzle yearning for a solution, or a challenge ready to be tackled. And the best part? They all work equally well in a rules light game like Adventurous or more complicated game like DnD 5e.

D66 Mountain encounters

D66 RollEncounter
11A nest of harpies singing a mesmerizing tune from a high cliff
12An old hermit living in a cave, guarding an ancient relic
13A sudden avalanche threatening to bury a nearby village
14A band of mountain bandits demanding a toll for safe passage
15A frozen lake with something dark moving beneath the ice
16A stranded expedition group in need of rescue before a storm hits
21A hidden valley where the flowers are rumored to hold magic properties
22An abandoned mine haunted by the spirits of miners trapped long ago
23A majestic griffon seen flying over the highest peak at dawn
24A treacherous path with a rockslide that separates the party
25A mysterious shrine dedicated to a forgotten mountain deity
26A colony of yetis who are protective of their territory
31A gateway to a cloud kingdom, guarded by storm elementals
32A lost city, rumored to be hidden within the mountain’s heart
33A chilling howl echoing through the mountain pass at night
34A perilous rope bridge swaying over a deep chasm
35A dragon’s lair, with the dragon home and protective of its hoard
36A mountain summit that holds a portal to another realm
41A secluded monastery where monks train in ancient martial arts
42An eerie fog that leads the party to a ghostly procession
43A forgotten graveyard of an ancient battle with restless spirits
44A camp of mountain rangers willing to share knowledge of a safe passage
45A rare herb found on a mountain ledge, known for its healing properties
46A group of adventurers frozen in time by a curse
51A ferocious mountain lion guarding its cubs
52An unstable cavern that threatens to collapse
53A wandering merchant selling rare mountain herbs
54A mountain peak where the stars touch the earth at midnight
55A deranged alchemist living in seclusion, conducting bizarre experiments
56A tribe of stone giants challenging the party to prove their worth
61A waterfall hiding the entrance to a hidden cave
62A narrow trail leads to the cave of a man-eating ogre, the bones of its victims are scattered near the entrance and the smell of rotting flesh lingers in the air
63A mysterious echoing voice giving cryptic advice
64A hidden trove of gemstones guarded by earth elementals
65A frozen statue of a forgotten hero, holding a map to a hidden treasure
66A secret mountain pass leading to an uncharted territory

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