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Will the pixies lead you to saftey, or deeper into the dark forest?

A dark enchanted forest is a fantastic place to adventure in. As the GM you can let your imagination run wild, the stuff you put in there doesn’t even have to make sense, actually, it’s better if they don’t! As a player, you can expect to be surprised and you have to be cautious about everything. You never know if that beautiful flower is a valuable potion ingredient or a demonic being in disguise. The encounters in a dark enchanted forest will always surprise you. Ohh and one last thing, don’t trust the fairy queen, no matter how pretty she is!

D66 Encounters in a dark enchanted forest

D66 RollEncounter
11A disturbingly humanoid tree, its face twisted in eternal agony, beckons for assistance.
12A swarm of bright, purple fireflies that cause hallucinations when they come into contact with the characters.
13A pair of feuding pixies, who are trying to trick the characters into siding with one or the other.
14A derelict cabin, with a cauldron still bubbling, and an open spellbook that triggers a random effect if read.
15A brook with a beautiful nymph who asks riddles. Those who answer incorrectly are transformed into frogs.
16A ghostly will-o'-the-wisp leads the way to a trap-filled treasure cache.
21An illusion of a fearsome dragon appears. It's actually a projection from a mischievous fairy.
22A giant, twisted tree stump that serves as a portal to the Shadowfell.
23A group of friendly myconids who need help fighting off a blight infection.
24A seemingly abandoned elven ruins, that comes alive with spectral defenders if disturbed.
25A pool of clear water, in which a naiad resides. She can heal wounds, but only in exchange for memories.
26A ring of giant mushrooms that act as trampolines, leading to higher platforms in the trees.
31An eerie, ghostly orchestra playing in a grove, their spectral music casting enchantments on listeners.
32A monstrous spider, weaving glowing threads of magic into her web.
33An entangled forest labyrinth that reconfigures its path periodically, confusing any who dare enter.
34A long-forgotten shrine of the old nature gods, defended by ethereal guardians.
35A massive, snoring bear that guards a stash of magical honey.
36A clearing filled with bioluminescent plants, hiding a group of camouflaged plant creatures.
41A fey creature caught in a hunter's trap who begs for freedom.
42A hidden moonwell, guarded by a stubborn and ancient treant.
43A group of dryads having a moonlit dance. They invite characters to join, but they may never want to leave.
44An eerie scarecrow, which animates into a formidable foe if its field is trespassed.
45A trio of quicklings challenge the characters to a race. If they lose, they must forfeit a prized possession.
46A crystal-clear pond that shows one's reflection as a monster. It may show an inner truth or just be a curse.
51A fairy ring. If disturbed, it calls forth an angry swarm of pixies.
52An old witch lives in a house of giant flowers. She is forgetful and believes one of the characters is her grandchild.
53A group of sprites trying to coax a giant, disgruntled badger out of their home tree.
54A single, enormous fruit hanging from a tree, which holds inside a potent magical effect when eaten.
55An enchanted fog that lulls characters to sleep and leads them astray.
56A giggling mound of leaves that turns out to be a camouflaged goblin.
61A field of oversized thorny roses, their scent causing powerful emotions in those who inhale it.
62A mysterious old crone, who offers to tell the characters' fortunes, which are strangely accurate.
63A magical blizzard in the middle of the forest, filled with sentient, mischievous snowflakes.
64A wandering gelatinous cube, which has accidentally ingested a precious artifact.
65A tribe of blink dogs who may be persuaded to aid the characters if treated respectfully.
66A large chasm, echoing with faint whispers. Those who listen too long may go mad.

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