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Strap on your Thunderclap boots!

One of the key drives as a player in a ttrpg is to find cool magic items. Sure the story is fun and you do want to help that baker that’s been kidnapped by the goblins. But we both know that nothing beats the feeling of finding a cool new sword that’s just perfect for your character!

Here is a list of 10 lightning themed magic items imbuing your game with the raw power and unpredictability of a thunder storm! They are usable in any fantasy ttrpg, such as DnD 5e, Adventurous or Shadowdark.

10 Lightning themed magic items

Item nameDescription
Stormcaller's StaffA gnarled staff crackling with electric energy, its tip crowned by a swirling stormcloud that emits thunderous rumblings, empowering the wielder to command the skies.
Thunderheart AmuletA golden pendant in the shape of a stylized heart, pulsating with raw energy. When worn, it channels the fury of a thunderstorm, empowering the wearer with electrifying might.
Lightning Striker GauntletsBlack leather gauntlets adorned with intricate silver runes, they grant the wearer the ability to channel lightning through their fists, delivering shocking strikes in combat.
Tempest BladeA shimmering silver longsword that hums with static energy, each strike accompanied by the crack of thunder. It can summon storm winds and unleash lightning bolts upon foes.
Galecaller's CloakA billowing cloak made of ethereal mist and shimmering with streaks of lightning. When worn, it grants the ability to glide through the air, summoning winds to aid in movement.
Boltcaster BowA sleek longbow made of blackened steel, adorned with jagged blue crystals. Arrows fired from this bow transform into crackling bolts of lightning, devastating targets from afar.
Thunderclap BootsBoots crafted from supple leather and embedded with tiny conductive gemstones. They allow the wearer to move with the speed of lightning, leaving behind echoing sonic booms.
Stormglass OrbA transparent orb filled with swirling mist and dancing arcs of lightning. It grants the ability to summon localized thunderstorms, crackling with destructive electric power.
Thunderguard ShieldA large shield crafted from enchanted metal, emblazoned with a roaring thundercloud. When raised, it creates a protective barrier that repels attacks with electrifying force.
Sparkling Nimbus CloakA radiant cloak adorned with countless tiny diamond-like gems that shimmer like stars. It envelops the wearer in a glowing nimbus, crackling with dancing bolts of lightning.

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