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A Bard without a memorable name is not worthy of his lyre…

A good Bard name should be memorable and slightly too grand and flamboyant. There is something to say about not leaning too heavily into stereotypes, but I like it when things are crystal clear, meaning that I prefer Barbarians named Ogrin Orcslayer to ones named “Mark Sawyer”, and the same goes for Bards. I like my bard names extravagant and slightly silly, because it’s just more fun when the Bard is named Emrys Shadowlyre.

D66 Bard names

Whether you’re a Game Master gearing up for a new campaign or a player crafting an unforgettable character, this list of 72 Bard names is designed to ignite your creativity. Just roll two six-sided dice (2D6) on the table below, and decide if you want a male or female name, to receive a burst of lyrical inspiration. These names are thematically versatile and will seamlessly integrate into any world, be it DnD 5e, Shadowdark, or Adventurous!

D66 RollMale Bard NamesFemale Bard Names
11Finnan SongweaverSeraphina Starlyre
12Gideon FiddlestickElowen Nightingale
13Aleron FreestringMarigold Wildsong
14Cedric SilvervoiceOriana Brightchant
15Dorian WindstrumViola Fairwhisper
16Theron JoycloakLunette Moonbeam
21Jareth ClearnoteCelestine Softmelody
22Elandor LightfingerDelilah Sunsong
23Tristan QuicktuneIvy Goldenthroat
24Bardolph HarmonyseekerAriella Evenflow
25Lysander DreamluteTamsin Whisperwind
26Pippin WildharmonyCalliope Truesong
31Lorcan FeatherpenMelody Starfire
32Bram StarbardHarmony Roselute
33Oswin EchostringLyra Cloudvoice
34Rorik TaleweaverSylvie Dawnchant
35Alden RhymecasterGwendolyn Lightlyric
36Flynn MinstrelheartEsmeralda Sweetnote
41Garrett TalestrumPhilomena Glitterstring
42Basil ThundersongElysia Moonstrum
43Quentin BardwhisperIsolde Fairstrings
44Simeon BrightsingerBellamy Peacestrum
45Roderick SpelltuneJessamine Lorevoice
46Emrys ShadowlyreRosalind Eveningmelody
51Tobin LorepluckDelia Harmonyseeker
52Hadrian WildloreWren Silvertongue
53Milo SoftchordEowyn Joystrum
54Nigel SharpnoteLiliana Goldharmony
55Leon WhisperwindKaela Moonharp
56Everett TruestringsAlanna Brightsong
61Barnaby FiresongFiona Merrylyric
62Corin RhythmbladeRowena Starlyre
63Damon SongcatcherNiamh Clearsong
64Eldred MoonbardCressida Softsong
65Griffith TaleheartDaphne Starwhisper
66Hugo StarrygleeBriar Rosevoice

Feel free to use these names as they are, or modify them slightly to better align with your campaign’s setting or your character’s background or lineage. Remember, a Bard’s name often reflects their artistic flair, cultural heritage, or a notable story in their life, think of them more as taken names rather than birth names.

If you enjoyed this list of Bard names, be sure to explore our list of Paladin names, Cleric names and Barbarian names and our guide to improvising as a GM. And don’t forget to check out our various adventure modules.


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