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A Bard without a memorable name is not worthy of his lyre…

A good Bard name should be memorable and slightly too grand and flamboyant. There is something to say about not leaning too heavily into stereotypes, but I like it when things are crystal clear, meaning that I prefer Barbarians named Ogrin Orcslayer to ones named “Mark Sawyer”, and the same goes for Bards. I like my bard names extravagant and slightly silly, because it’s just more fun when the Bard is named Flynn Shadowlyre.

D66 Bard names

Whether you’re a Game Master gearing up for a new campaign or a player crafting an unforgettable character, this list of 36 Bard names is designed to ignite your creativity. Just roll two six-sided dice (2D6) on the table below to receive a burst of lyrical inspiration. These names are thematically versatile and will seamlessly integrate into any world, be it DnD 5e, Shadowdark, or Adventurous!

D66 RollName
11Liriel Songweaver
12Finian Silverstring
13Elandra Nightingale
14Dorian Lightfoot
15Melisande Starcloak
16Rorik Featherquill
21Ariella Harmonyseeker
22Jareth Goldentongue
23Isolde Fairwhisper
24Galion Windstrider
25Seraphina Moonbow
26Elwin Lorekeeper
31Calliope Dreamsong
32Thalion Quickfingers
33Viola Brightbard
34Jasper Lorelute
35Lyra Spellvoice
36Bran Whisperwind
41Niamh Shimmerveil
42Orpheus Starcatcher
43Delilah Dawnchaser
44Flynn Shadowlyre
45Gwendolyn Minstrelheart
46Alaric Songsmith
51Cadenza Nightbloom
52Tristan Valestrider
53Eveline Sunsinger
54Idris Melodyweaver
55Rowan Harmonysage
56Isadora Dreamweaver
61Zephyr Fablewright
62Lysander Mythspinner
63Mirelle Skydancer
64Tavish Freespirit
65Aria Silversong
66Cedric Odebringer

Feel free to use these names as they are, or modify them slightly to better align with your campaign’s setting or your character’s background or lineage. Remember, a Bard’s name often reflects their artistic flair, cultural heritage, or a notable story in their life, think of them more as taken names rather than birth names.

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