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Every great campaign needs a cult, here are 46 000 of them!

What would a TTRPG campaign be without at least one cult? I can’t really imagine, it’s such a beloved staple of all fantasy worlds. In our post “D66 Villainous factions” I sort of make fun of the cult trope, but tropes are tropes for a reason, they work. So it’s only fair that we build a dedicated cult generator.

The table below lists 36 unique cult names, heraldry and goals, you can mix and match these as you please, but my experience is that relying on the dice helps with creativity. So just roll D66 once for each column and get one out of 46 000 possible combinations!

Once you’ve got a result, lean back and think of some cool details to expand it with. Two personal favorites are:

  • The Crystal Seers are known for their unsettling forehead tattoos of an open eye, aiming to manipulate destiny towards an age of known fates and universal harmony.
  • The Emerald Cabal, distinguished by their tomes adorned with large emeralds, is dedicated to gathering and safeguarding esoteric knowledge, zealously sealing it away in their secret vaults.

D66 Cult names, heraldry and goals

D66Cult NameSymbol/HeraldryGoal
11The Azure SeekersA single, open eyeSeek ancient wisdom
12The Veiled ProphetsTwin moonsProtect a sacred relic
13The Sanguine CircleA pair of crossed swordsEstablish a new world order
14The Gilded HandA burning torchPreserve the natural world
15The Shadowed StarsAn unbroken chainUnlock the secrets of the cosmos
16The Whispering LeavesA mountain peakOverthrow a tyrannical regime
21The Radiant DawnA radiant sunAchieve immortality
22The Midnight WatchersA shrouded figureSpread a forgotten faith
23The Emerald CabalA blooming roseGuard an ancient secret
24The Celestial OrderA lightning boltMaster the arcane arts
25The Iron CovenantA set of scalesRestore balance to the world
26The Obsidian EyeA crescent moonSummon a deity
31The Eternal SeekersA ship navigating wavesGain wealth and influence
32The Howling VoidA griffon in flightForge a legendary weapon
33The Silvered ThornA skull with a crownAwaken a slumbering power
34The Flame KeepersA tree with deep rootsExplore uncharted lands
35The Crystal SeersAn open bookEnact a prophecy
36The Wandering MistsA falling starCreate a utopian society
41The Scarlet BrotherhoodA serpent entwined around a staffAchieve godlike power
42The Twilight SentinelsA closed fistDiscover a lost civilization
43The Chalice of EternityA key and lockBring about eternal peace
44The VoidwalkersA feather quillHarness the elements
45The Golden SeraphsA set of interlocking gearsOpen a portal to another world
46The Labyrinthine MindA blazing sunRewrite history
51The Frostborn LegionA winged horseAscend to a higher plane
52The Stoneheart ClanA broken arrowGuard esoteric knowledge
53The Zephyr’s WhisperA wolf’s headUnleash an ancient curse
54The Ocean’s RoarA wave crashing against a cliffHeal a great blight
55The Boundless HorizonA pair of clasped handsBuild a monument of power
56The Infinite TapestryAn emeraldInitiate the end times
61The Nightfire CultA heart pierced by a daggerMaster death and rebirth
62The Skyborn AlchemistsA crown of thornsControl the seas and storms
63The Tempest’s EyeA lightning-struck treeBind a powerful spirit
64The DreamweaversAn hourglass with shifting sandManipulate destiny
65The Pyre AscendantsA phoenix rising from flamesLead an uprising
66The Architects of SilenceAn eclipsed sunUnravel the fabric of time

Closing thoughts on this cult generator

No respectable game master would run a campaign without a cult! No but seriously, cults are great, and they don’t have to be super evil, they are actually more interesting if they are morally grey. A cult that seeks to end the world is simple, and can absolutely serve a purpose, but a cult that seeks to safeguard occult knowledge, and that will do anything to get their hands on it before anyone else is much more interesting and not necessarily evil.

Remember to think open ended when you prep your campaigns, it will always lead to more interesting and memorable sessions, and this cult generator will hopefully help you do that more easily.

Oh, and if you need a suitable name for the leader of a seemingly good but violent and cruel religious cult, be sure to check out our list of Cleric names, one of those should definitively fit!

If you like this cult generator, please check out our ultimate NPC generator and our guide to improvising as a DM.


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