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A table to help you avoid your own clich├ęs…

Coming up with villainous factions that serves as the main antagonist of a campaign, or a classic “side-quest-threat”, comes easy for me most of the time. But some days I’m just stuck with writers block and can’t think of anything better than “hmm, what about an evil cult?“, only to immediately realize that my last five adventures also featured an evil cult. I guess I’ve got a favorite type of antagonist…

That’s why I thought I’d force myself to write a table like this, because I know it will help me (and you hopefully) to come up with new ideas with just one dice roll. The faction descriptions aren’t very detailed and their goals might seem a bit vague, but I personally find that to be the best type of “source material”, because it leaves room for my imagination while at the same time giving me a solid foundation to build off of.

You will also notice that the factions aren’t tied to any specific universe or lore, they are system neutral, so that you can use them in any game and any world. Need a group of gritty mercenaries? Done. How about a mysterious cult that’s perfect for a horror-themed quest? Easy. Plus, having a diverse array of villainous factions they might not have heard of before helps keep your players on their toes. They never know what’s coming next, and that’s half the fun.

I hope that this D66 table of villainous factions add some jet fuel to your campaign prep. If you like it, be sure to check out our NPC generator, and our list of D66 Dwarven stronghold names.

D66 Villainous factions

Just roll 2D6 and have the first one be your tens digit and the second be your ones digit. A roll of 5+3 would be “53: The Blackened Flame”.

D66Organization NameDescriptionOverall Goal
11The Black TalonsSkilled mercenaries specializing in ambush and sabotage.Seize strategic resources to expand influence.
12The Red VeilSecretive guild of assassins skilled in poison and disguise.Control the criminal underworld through fear.
13Gloom RidersNomadic raiders mounted on dire wolves.Plunder and subjugate rural villages.
14The Silent HandIllusionist thieves skilled in bypassing magic defenses.Accumulate legendary treasures and artifacts.
15Iron Chain CultSlavers using dark rituals to subdue their captives.Enslave towns for arcane rituals and dark trades.
16The Sand VipersDesert warriors revered for their serpent taming.Establish a fortified desert kingdom.
21The Ebon ClawPirate crew practicing necromancy.Dominate and raid coastal cities and trade routes.
22Moonlit CovenantCult venerating the moon, suspected to harbor lycanthropes.Perform a potent lunar ritual to gain divine power.
23The Ember FistMilitant pyromancers seeking arcane secrets.Ignite a volcanic realm as their sanctuary.
24The Withered RoseNoble house entangled in forbidden magic.Usurp the throne using dark alliances and schemes.
25Hollow KnightsCursed knights yearning to break their enchantments.Regain their mortality through dark quests.
26The Broken CircleRogue druids exploiting natural forces for malice.Taint sacred groves to disrupt natural balance.
31Frostbite ClanIcy barbarians with a thirst for conquest.Invade and occupy temperate lands.
32The Masked CourtManipulators pulling strings behind noble houses.Install puppet rulers to manipulate kingdoms.
33The Soul ReapersClerics dealing in souls and dark bargains.Harvest souls to fuel a dark ascension.
34The Iron GauntletArmored, relentless bounty hunters with zero tolerance.Eliminate crucial high-value targets to boost reputation.
35The Whispering ShadowsSpies adept in blackmail and information gathering.Leverage state secrets for political power.
36The Jade ScepterMystic scholars obsessed with hoarding ancient relics.Collect and secure magical artifacts for leverage.
41Sable CompanyRuthless archers with no qualms about dishonorable tactics.Secure and enforce dominance over borderlands.
42The Ashen BrotherhoodFanatical monks dedicated to a harsh, austere god.Establish a theocratic state under their god.
43The Crimson DawnDawn-raiding bandits disrupting trade.Take control of vital trade routes and chokepoints.
44The OathswornTwisted paladins enforcing their corrupted virtues.Spread their flawed brand of justice across lands.
45The Gilded SerpentAlchemists specializing in lethal toxins.Corner the market for deadly poisons and brews.
46Stonehearth SyndicateGreedy dwarves monopolizing precious minerals.Control and exploit rich ore veins and mines.
51The StormhawksWarriors mounted on giant raptors, patrolling the skies.Demand sky tolls and establish aerial dominance.
52The Verdant ChainElf isolationists using guerrilla tactics.Seal elven forests from external threats.
53The Blackened FlameHeretical mages wielding dangerous fire magic.Incinerate sacred woods to defy traditional beliefs.
54The Sea WraithsCursed sailors in ghostly ships, seeking vengeance.Sink trespassing vessels to claim the seas.
55The Howling DaggersThieves using enchanted wind instruments for robbery.Steal rare and powerful musical relics.
56The Searing QuillCovert scholars discrediting academic establishments.Undermine respected academies to seize intellectual power.
61The Silver SkullsDeath cultists using gruesome symbols for rituals.Create a territory under the shadow of undeath.
62The Riven ShieldDisgraced soldiers turned to mercenary work.Overthrow the kingdom they once failed to protect.
63The Bloodied SpearTribal hunters keen on savage rites and trophies.Prove their tribe's supremacy through brutal conquest.
64The ForgottenBanished citizens yearning to reclaim their lost city.Take back their ancient homeland at any cost.
65The Sundered ChainWarriors specializing in anti-magic tactics.Eradicate magical practices for a mundane world.
66The Last OathFailed knights seeking redemption through dark quests.Regain their honor by completing forbidden quests.

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