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Why is the loot still there?

Every seasoned adventurer knows the allure of a dungeon’s entrance, the promise of treasures and mysteries hidden within its depths. But have you ever wondered why some of these ancient and seemingly lucrative places remain untouched, their secrets preserved through the ages? It’s a question that has puzzled many a game master. After all, in a world teeming with adventurers and treasure hunters, what could possibly deter them from exploring these enticing locales?

Drawing from my two decades of weaving tales and crafting campaigns, I’ve delved into this intriguing conundrum. The answer, as it turns out, isn’t always straightforward. From ancient curses to treacherous terrains, there’s a myriad of reasons why a dungeon might remain unexplored. And to aid my fellow game masters in adding depth and intrigue to their campaigns, I’ve compiled a set of tables for various dungeon types, detailing reasons they might have been left untouched. Whether you’re running a game in Knave, Mörk Borg, or any other system, these tables will provide a fresh perspective and a touch of realism to your world’s dungeons. So, roll a D6 and let’s embark on a journey to discover the hidden tales of dungeons unexplored!

Why hasn’t the dungeon been plundered yet?

Below are a set of tables containing suitable reasons why each of the four classic dungeon types hasn’t been plundered yet.


1The tomb is protected by an ancient curse that scares away potential plunderers.
2Local legends speak of vengeful spirits that guard the tomb and retaliate against intruders.
3The entrance to the tomb is hidden, known only to a select few who have kept its location a secret.
4The tomb is filled with intricate traps that have claimed the lives of many who have tried to plunder it.
5The tomb is located in a remote and inhospitable area, making it difficult to access.
6The local populace holds the tomb in reverence and actively prevents outsiders from desecrating it.

Ruined temple

1The temple is considered sacred ground, and local tribes or communities protect it from intruders.
2Rumors of a powerful deity's wrath deter adventurers from entering the temple.
3The temple is home to a dangerous cult that uses it for dark rituals, scaring away potential plunderers.
4The ruins are unstable, with collapsing ceilings and walls, making it a perilous place to explore.
5The temple is located in a dense jungle (or other difficult terrain), making it hard to find and access.
6Strange and eerie sounds emanate from the temple at night, leading many to believe it's haunted.

Natural cave

1The cave is inhabited by dangerous creatures that have deterred adventurers from exploring it.
2The cave is known to flood during certain seasons, making it inaccessible for large parts of the year.
3The cave's labyrinthine tunnels have caused many to get lost, with few ever returning.
4Local legends speak of a malevolent spirit that resides within the cave, cursing those who enter.
5The cave is located at a high altitude or in a treacherous location, making it difficult to reach.
6The air inside the cave is toxic or has low oxygen levels, making it deadly to venture too deep.

Abandoned fort

1The fort is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of fallen soldiers, deterring potential plunderers.
2The fort is still booby-trapped, with many adventurers meeting their end due to hidden pitfalls and snares.
3The fort is strategically located, and local warlords or bandits use it as a base, preventing others from entering.
4The walls and towers of the fort are crumbling, making it a dangerous place to explore.
5The fort is surrounded by a thick forest or swamp, making it hard to approach without being noticed.
6Local communities consider the fort a historical landmark and have taken measures to preserve and protect it.

Closing thoughts

By incorporating these nuances, we not only challenge our players but also enrich the narrative, making each exploration a unique tale of its own. Remember, it’s not always about the destination, but the stories we weave along the way. So, the next time your adventurers stand at the precipice of a new dungeon and asks: “Why hasn’t the dungeon been plundered yet?“, let the dice decide its hidden past, and watch as your world unfolds with deeper lore and captivating tales.

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