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A stone statue of an angel weeps blood…

Having a diverse and intriguing set of encounters prepared will lower your stress levels when running the game, and will greatly enrich your session. A good encounter not only provides variety, entertainment and a chance for your players to do some creative problem solving, but can also serve as plot hooks, open up new narrative possibilities, and help build a more immersive world. Preparing encounters in advance allows you to respond quickly to your players’ decisions, and can even be used to gently steer the narrative in a desired direction if the need arises. Moreover, encounters that challenge the players to think, interact, and strategize can elevate the overall gaming experience and encourage them to actively participate in shaping the scenario that unfolds as you play.

A good set of graveyard encounters should add a sense of mystery, tension, and unpredictability. After all, graveyards are a place you shouldn’t really be in, so whatever you encounter, probably shouldn’t be there either. It can be something simple like a ghostly figure with a wish, a pack of ghouls feasting on remains, or a group of grave robbers caught in the act, these encounters can serve as a catalyst for new adventures, puzzles, or moral dilemmas. The events can lead to further exploration, conversations with NPCs, or unexpected combat situations. In turn, this can create memorable moments, foster character development, and create a sense of accomplishment among your players. I hope these graveyard encounters will suit you and help you set your game up for success!

D66 Graveyard encounters

Just roll 2D6 to generate a thematic encounter. The first die will give you a tens digit and the second one the ones digit, meaning a roll of 1 and 6 gives you 16: “A stone statue of an angel weeps blood, and nearby, the party finds a scroll inscribed with an ancient curse.

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D66 RollEncounter Description
11A ghostly figure emerges from a grave and asks the party for assistance in finding its long-lost family heirloom.
12The party encounters a mausoleum with a puzzling inscription on the door that hints at a hidden treasure within.
13A group of zombies emerges from the ground, shambling toward the party with a hunger for flesh.
14A mysterious fog rolls in, causing the party to lose sight of each other and obscuring their surroundings.
15A murder of crows circles overhead, cawing loudly and ominously as if warning the party of an imminent danger.
16A stone statue of an angel weeps blood, and nearby, the party finds a scroll inscribed with an ancient curse.
21The party stumbles upon a freshly dug grave with a wooden coffin that has been clawed open from the inside.
22A circle of mushrooms marks the site of a fey portal that transports the party to the realm of the feywild.
23The ground trembles beneath the party's feet as a skeletal hand bursts forth, followed by a skeletal warrior.
24A tombstone engraved with the party's names suddenly appears before them, bearing the date of their deaths.
25The party encounters a pack of ghouls feasting on the remains of a recent burial, their eyes glowing with hunger.
26A group of grave robbers is caught in the act, and they turn to the party for help in escaping an angry ghost.
31An old groundskeeper approaches the party, warning them of a malevolent spirit that haunts the graveyard at night.
32The party encounters a banshee wailing in sorrow, her cries echoing through the night and chilling the air.
33The ghost of a long-dead hero appears before the party, offering to share knowledge of a hidden treasure.
34The party stumbles upon a necromancer performing a dark ritual to raise an army of undead to do his bidding.
35A wight prowls the graveyard, hunting for souls to consume and add to its collection of enslaved spirits.
36A group of mourners hold a vigil for a departed loved one, and they ask the party to help them lay the spirit to rest.
41A twisted tree with claw-like branches stands in the center of the graveyard, rumored to be the lair of a hag.
42The party encounters a vampire hiding in a crypt, waiting for nightfall to strike at unsuspecting villagers.
43The ground beneath the party's feet gives way, dropping them into an underground catacomb filled with traps.
44A restless spirit of a betrayed knight haunts the graveyard, seeking revenge against those who wronged him.
45The party encounters a group of werewolves, who have come to the graveyard to bury one of their own.
46A statue of a hooded figure comes to life and challenges the party to a riddle contest, with their lives at stake.
51A ghostly procession of spectral mourners follows a phantom hearse, carrying the casket of a long-dead lord.
52The party discovers an ancient tome bound in human flesh, which whispers dark secrets into the ears of the reader.
53The party encounters a revenant, a vengeful spirit returned from the grave to hunt down those who wronged it.
54The graves in the graveyard begin to shift and move, rearranging themselves in a seemingly random pattern.
55The party discovers an alchemist's lab hidden beneath a grave, filled with strange and dangerous concoctions.
56A spectral figure in tattered robes offers to trade rare and powerful items in exchange for the party's souls.
61A horde of crawling claws, animated severed hands, scuttles toward the party, snapping and clawing at their feet.
62A ghostly black cat with glowing eyes crosses the party's path, leading them to a hidden cache of treasures.
63The party discovers an empty grave with a note that reads, "I'll be back," written in dried blood.
64The party encounters a grim reaper who has come to collect the soul of a recently deceased villager.
65The party stumbles upon a forgotten shrine to a dark god, where cultists gather to perform vile rituals.
66A ghostly figure emerges from a grave and asks the party to deliver a message to a loved one in a distant village.

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