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A hex crawl is only as good as the locations…

A good hex crawl means total freedom for the players. They can go in any direction they want and neither the GM nor the players will know for sure what will happen and how the session will play out. Randomness is at the heart of hex crawling, but one thing that shouldn’t be totally random is the locations the PCs come across, because that rarely lead to engaging gameplay.

To help you prep your hex crawl games we’ve gathered this list of brilliantly succinct one-sentance hex crawl locations that you can sprinkle across your next hex map!

Hex crawling is an important part of the old school renaissance (OSR), and speaking of that, check out our post: “How to think OSR when playing ttrpgs?“.

100 Hex crawl locations

1A small lake of acid with an island in the center, a pile of metallic objects can be spotted on the island
2A tall rock pillar where a giant raven have made its nest, the PCs can see it rearrange some precious items
3A deep pond of ice cold water (winter? magical?), at the bottom lies a/an sword/shield/helmet/necklace
4A massive boulder seems to have crushed a cart and interesting items can be seen sticking out, I wonder what lies underneath?
5A huge tree stands in the open, it’s an unknown type and a magnificently golden fruit hangs from one of the top branches, how would one get up there safely?
6A rock slide has covered the entrance to a cave, through a gap you can see a golden light flickering.
7Off shore of the shark infested waters you see a large clamshell opening and closing, Inside is a pearl that looks to be the size of your fist.
8The narrow bridge before you spans a 50 crevice and would be simple to traverse except for the Kobold totem.
9A Stonehenge-like set of stones among the ruins of an old tower, the stones seem to flicker occasionally making shapes on the ground; on one of the stones an old thieves journal mentions a personal vault of the last owner before the tower was destroyed
10A petrified man tightly holds a key to a cabinet that holds the cure
11A dog runs over trying to get your attention. Following it leads to a stone well. The dog looks expectantly at the well and you hear a strange undulating sound.
12You enter a smallish room that appears empty except for a single gold coin that is sitting on top of an obvious pressure plate that the coin is depressing
13A wide, swiftly flowing river blocks your movement ahead and the only means of possible traversal lie in the damaged ruins of a nearby ferry barge tethered to the bank
14The twisted vines that cover the jungle floor writhe and coil in an attempt to ensnare the ankles of anyone passing through, but seem to retract in response to loud noises
15A pungent marsh stretches out before you, with drowse inducing sulphur bubbles emerging from the bog waters of unknown depths
16Between the momentary relief of cover from fallen boulders, the canyon winds drag sheets of sand and dust upon your face, stinging like hundreds of tiny needles
17The beautiful sound of a woman singing draws you to a moonlit clearing within the depths of the dark forest, where the figure of a pale faceless woman bathes in a shimmering pond
18The twisted trail connects with 3 others at a crossroads nestled in the foothills, the only directional guide taking the form of a signpost made out of an upright log with 4 daggers lodged in its bark
19In the distance, what at first appeared to be a rolling dust cloud is now clearly the oncoming stampede of beasts, sweeping across the plain in a panicked sprint
20There's a small portal high up in the side of a cliff face that can be see from far away. Through the portal you can see water, a sunken ship nearby, and large dark shapes guarding the ship. No water comes through the portal
21In a magical school or mages tower, resides the largest gem of the realm. It's enclosed in a magical barrier, clearly sitting on the tongue of a mimic treasure chest
22A traveling tinker has locked himself out of his wagon
23A smooth, stone pillar, roughly one hundred feet tall, holds a treasure chest at the top
24A large hole in the side of a tree appears to be the opening to a tunnel
25A rare medicinal flower grows in the middle of a field of thorny bushes
26A maze has inexplicably appeared in a local corn field
27A haze of noxious fumes surrounds an alchemists workshop
28Three stories up the blank side of a tower, a patch of wall the size of a door is shimmering
29At the bottom of a deep ravine a shattered wagon can be seen - as can a somehow perfectly healthy gnome tinker, calling up for help
30The mayor has put out a reward for the first person that can cure his terrible gas
31The best chef in town is requesting new and exotic ingredients to cook with
32The proprietor of a pawn shop urges you to help find a suspected mimic hidden among their wares
33You see a poster about a three day mounted race between towns, but horses aren't allowed
34You're pretty sure you've seen the same shopkeep in the last three towns
35While checking a local bounty board, you discover a wanted poster with your face on, but with a different name and for comiting a crime in a town you've never been to
36You've walked down this street numerous times, and you are certain that store front wasn't there yesterday
37You smell something burning coming from that business/house/building
38You are approached by a woman who claims she is your wife, and knows numerous personal details about you
39A man running through the streets claims he is being stalked by a giant dog
40A farmer claims his chickens are no longer laying chicken eggs
41A local hatter claims his competitor is using mimics to make hats faster and cheaper
42A dairy farmer approaches you and claims all of their cows are screaming and won't stop
43On the coast, a smokestack formation about 80' out into the sea glitters with a large pile, seemingly made exclusively of copper
44A tree in the forest has footprints leading directly to it. The footprints stop at the tree, and no others are anywhere to be seen
45A rickety old bridge spanning a deep ravine, with boards missing and ropes frayed
46A heavenly aroma of mead and freshly baking cinnamon rolls wafts from the town crypt
47A heavenly aroma of mead and freshly baking cinnamon rolls wafts from a quaint tavern with a sign saying “No Adventurers!”
48You enter a large cavern where the floor drops into a deep, impassable ravine while a waterfall flows from the center of the ravine (a waterfly) into a prismatic lake on the ceiling. A small boat sits on the ground by the entrance; an exit can be seen across the ravine
49In a busy tavern, you notice a door suddenly appear and dissappear on an otherwise empty wall
50You see two kids chasing a dog through town, claiming it stole their toys, but something tells you that's no dog
51A single blue flower grows in the center of a snowy clearing, rumored to hold magical properties.
52A large ravine filled with mineral-rich rocks attracting a wide array of unique wildlife.
53An old wishing well in the town square glows with a soft, magical light.
54A constantly shifting desert where sand tornadoes are said to hide ancient relics.
55A forest of whispering trees, known to guide lost travelers.
56A waterfall that flows over a cliff face of gleaming crystal, rumored to enhance magical abilities.
57A desert where the sand dunes shift and change, revealing buried treasures and hidden dangers.
58A flickering lighthouse on a cliff edge, rumored to be haunted by a former keeper.
59A grove filled with bioluminescent mushrooms providing light, perfect for a stealthy approach.
60A grassy field where meteorites frequently fall, leaving behind a trail of rare, magical ore.
61A half-submerged fort in the marshlands, its flooded chambers filled with both dangers and treasures.
62A narrow path along a cliff face, decorated with snake carvings that seem to move out of the corner of your eye.
63A pristine lake with a mirror-like surface that sometimes reflects scenes from other worlds.
64A chasm where every sound echoes like a thunderclap, rumored to hold a powerful relic at its bottom.
65An oasis with the remains of a long-lost caravan half-buried in the sand, treasure still untouched.
66A towering pillar of black glass in the middle of a field, known to attract lightning during storms.
67A fountain in the town square that remains frozen year-round, said to grant a single wish to anyone who can melt it.
68Ruined towers with chimes that whisper secrets to those who listen closely.
69An abandoned vineyard where the grapes are rumored to enhance magical abilities when fermented.
70A hidden cavern entrance covered by thick underbrush, leading to a sprawling underground network.
71A stream with mercurial waters rumored to accelerate time.
72A tower submerged under a lake, visible only when the sun is at its zenith.
73A moving hill said to be a sleeping giant, dotted with boulders that are rumored to be its lost treasures.
74A forest whose canopy is a massive spiderweb, the spiders only appear during a full moon.
75An abandoned blacksmith's workshop where the hammer can still be heard striking the anvil at midnight.
76A bridge made of living vines, it shifts and changes according to the phases of the moon.
77Fields filled with geysers that shoot out hot, mineral-rich water, creating a rainbow of colors when the sunlight hits them.
78A cavern hidden by an illusion, only visible in the moonlight.
79A grove of trees made entirely from driftwood, said to come alive at the sound of music.
80A range of peaks so tall they touch the clouds, each peak is home to a different type of elemental creature.
81A circle of stones that emit a haunting melody when the wind blows through them.
82A forest of stalagmites in a cavern, home to crystal bats.
83A flat mountaintop where the stars seem to come close enough to touch.
84An abandoned silk farm, the spiders still produce a golden thread that has magical properties.
85A field of flowers whose scent induces prophetic dreams.
86A ruined ferryboat on the river shore, the ghost of the ferryman asks for a fare.
87A solitary flame in the middle of a forest that never goes out.
88A chasm in the earth that glows with an ethereal light, a faint hum can be heard from within.
89An old stone bridge where every sound echoes thrice, each echo is said to reveal a truth.
90A giant beehive made of gold, the honey within is rumored to grant immortality.
91A grove where all the trees have been turned to stone, said to be the result of a medusa's curse.
92A garden filled with lifelike statues, rumored to be the victims of a roaming basilisk.
93A pond that reflects the moon even during the day, water elementals visit it during the full moon.
94A large rock at a crossroads, covered in magical glyphs that provide directions.
95A pit in the ground that devours anything thrown into it, nobody knows where it leads.
96A tavern that appears in different locations each day, said to be pulled by an invisible dragon.
97A house where the ghost of a widow is said to mourn, those who comfort her are given a valuable gift.
98A pond filled with lotuses that glow with magical energy, said to enhance spellcasting abilities.
99A statue that sighs once a year, said to bring good luck to those who hear it.
100A mountain pass guarded by a giant stone golem, will only let those who answer its riddle pass.

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