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Will your appearance morph or will you hear whispers?

Potions are great! As magic item rewards they don’t impact the power dynamics of the game noticeably since they are single use. But at the same time I’ve never had a player that wasn’t excited when I told him that they found a random potion. I guess everyone just likes potions!

This post contains 10 unique and dangerous potion effects. Its not a list of powerful and satisfying potions to reward your players with, no these are dangerous potions that you can plant in the world as traps or tricks, maybe offered by a hag as a reward?

Whenever my players discover and unidentified potion they are usually careful at first, but it doesn’t take long before someone just yells: “I’ll chug it!“, a dangerous thing to do in the depths of an old tomb, but still, that’s usually the outcome. It’s in these situations that the potions below will shine. A healing potion is always welcome, but it’s more interesting if the PC instead becomes as hot as an engine and risks combustion if they aren’t cooled down, it lends itself to interesting scenarios and situation that the players need to handle, and that is what TTRPGs are all about, creative problem solving.

10 Dangerous potion effects

Potion NameEffect
1. Whispering BrewThe drinker begins to hear whispers only they can hear, which may be real or imagined, sowing paranoia and doubt among the party.
2. Veil of ShadowsUpon consumption, a dark cloud envelops the drinker, obscuring them from view but also making it difficult for them to see or act.
3. Mindmeld ElixirThe drinker's thoughts become telepathically linked to the nearest creature, sharing both knowledge and emotions, which could be a curse or a boon.
4. Phasing PhilterThe drinker becomes partially ethereal, phasing in and out of the material plane. This could lead to unpredictable interactions with the physical world.
5. Ember EssenceThe drinker's body temperature elevates drastically, becoming hot to the touch and risking combustion in flammable environments, but also gaining a resistance to cold.
6. Echoing ElixirThe drinker's actions are echoed a few seconds later by spectral force, potentially disrupting delicate tasks or revealing their position.
7. WraithwineThe drinker becomes ghostly and translucent, able to interact with the ethereal plane but also attracting the attention of restless spirits.
8. Time-Twist TonicThe drinker experiences time at an altered pace, either faster or slower than everyone else, creating a dissonance in reaction and interaction.
9. Grim GuzzlerThe drinker's luck takes a turn for the worse, as misfortune seems to follow them, turning minor mishaps into potentially dangerous situations.
10. MorphmugThe drinker's appearance randomly morphs into other humanoid forms for a duration, potentially causing confusion, mistrust, or revealing their presence to foes.

Closing thoughts on these potion effects

Use these potion effects with care, the unpredictable nature of them can lead to humorous, dramatic, or even harrowing scenarios, hopefully enriching the role-play and camaraderie among the party. But they are not designed to be fatal. Instead, they serve as catalysts for creative problem-solving, urging players to think out of the box to mitigate the adverse effects or utilize them to their advantage in the unfolding scenarios.

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