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Celebrating One Year of Adventurous!
This week, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Adventurous Fantasy RPG. To commemorate this milestone, we are happy to offer all Adventurous products at 50% off!

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Let’s revisit that dream of yours…

As a game master you are always in need of new and novel magic items that the player characters can come across in the world. A +1 Longsword is as boring as bag of coal, and we’ve all seen that necklace of fire resistance a hundred times. So here is a list of 10 magical trinkets with more weird and unique effects. Something that can spice up your game and give the PCs a unique way to overcome their obstacles.

This list of trinkets with unique and interesting powers are usable in any fantasy ttrpg, such as DnD 5e, Adventurous or Shadowdark.

10 Magical trinkets with weird effects

Item NameDescription
Starlight LocketA delicate locket that glows softly with the light of distant stars. When opened, it reveals a miniature universe within, filled with swirling constellations.
Whispers of FateA set of intricately carved wooden dice that seem to whisper secrets when rolled. They hold the power to influence destiny, granting favorable outcomes.
Dreamcatcher PendantA shimmering pendant adorned with feathers and beads. It has the ability to capture and store dreams, allowing the wearer to revisit or share them with others.
Timekeeper's HourglassA small hourglass filled with sparkling sands that flow backward. When activated, it can momentarily rewind time, undoing recent events and altering the course of fate.
Enchanted KaleidoscopeA beautifully crafted kaleidoscope that reveals glimpses of otherworldly realms when peered through. Each turn creates a mesmerizing display of shifting colors and shapes.
Songbird's QuillA quill made from a rare, colorful feather of a magical songbird. When used to write, it brings stories to life, causing the words to sing and dance on the page.
Arcane CompassA compass with a spinning, otherworldly needle that points towards sources of magical energy. It aids in navigation and locating hidden enchantments or artifacts.
Echoing CavernsA small crystal vial filled with mist that whispers echoes of forgotten voices. When shattered, it temporarily opens a doorway to a lost and mysterious realm.
Fortune's CoinA golden coin with intricate engravings on one side and a blank surface on the other. When flipped, it reveals glimpses of possible futures, guiding decision-making.
Wandering AmuletAn amulet adorned with a glowing gem that constantly changes its hue. It allows the wearer to teleport short distances, granting swift and unpredictable movement.

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