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You will have to pry it from my cold dead hands…

From mystical artifacts that harness the power of blizzards to weapons that freeze the very air they cut through, these items will immerse your players in a realm where the biting cold is both a danger and a source of wonder. Whether you seek to enhance your character’s abilities, challenge your foes with icy prowess, or create a mesmerizing winter atmosphere, this assortment of cold themed magic items has something for everyone.

These magic items brimming with frozen powers are usable in any fantasy ttrpg, such as DnD 5e, Adventurous or Shadowdark.

10 Cold themed magic items

Item NameDescription
FrostfallA crystal pendant that radiates an icy blue glow. When worn, it conjures a gentle snowfall around the wearer, creating a serene and wintry atmosphere.
Glacial BladeThis enchanted sword shimmers with an ethereal, icy light. With each strike, it freezes the air around it, leaving a trail of frost in its wake.
FrostbiteA pair of gloves that transform the wearer's touch into a freezing chill. When activated, the gloves can freeze objects or beings with a single touch.
Blizzard OrbA small, translucent orb that emits an arctic blizzard upon command. When activated, it conjures swirling winds and biting cold, freezing everything nearby.
FrostfireA staff crafted from blue and white crystals, it channels both ice and fire magic. When wielded, it unleashes icy flames that freeze and scorch simultaneously.
Snowflake PendantA delicate pendant made of a single, glistening snowflake. It grants the wearer the ability to summon a blizzard at will, enveloping the area in a flurry of snow.
Glacial ArmorAn intricately designed suit of armor made from enchanted ice. When worn, it provides exceptional protection while emanating an aura of frost that chills nearby foes.
Icicle DaggerA slender dagger with a blade made entirely of ice. It never melts, no matter the heat, and can pierce through armor with ease, leaving behind a trail of frost.
Frostheart AmuletAn amulet carved from an enchanted ice shard. It pulses with a cold, magical energy that strengthens the wearer's resilience against cold-based attacks and spells.
Frostborn BootsThese boots are made of supple yet resilient ice. They allow the wearer to traverse icy surfaces effortlessly and leave frosty footprints wherever they tread.

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