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Taunts linger longer than tales…

Role-playing games, especially those that unfold in the vast landscapes of fantasy realms, are rich tapestries woven with intricate characters, intense combat, and engrossing narratives. Yet, often, it’s the finer details that truly immerse players, making them feel like they’re part of a living, breathing world. One such detail? The art of the insult and the weight of the curse.

When a character enters a town and is immediately met with hushed whispers and pointed curses from local ruffians, or when they face off against a sneering elf who mocks their “quaint” attire, the world suddenly feels richer, more real. These interactions, though small, serve as a testament to the game’s verisimilitude. It emphasizes that this world, like our own, is filled with a variety of personalities, cultural quirks, and regional dialects.

Three benefits of a good insult

There are multiple benefits to incorporating curses and insults in your game world:

  1. Setting the Tone: Whether you’re running a campaign filled with humor and whimsy, or a dark, gritty saga, a well-placed insult or curse can set the mood. A goblin cheekily noting a player’s “shiny toothpick” of a sword might induce laughter. In contrast, a noble’s disdainful comment about a character’s lineage can evoke anger and drive a personal vendetta.
  2. Enhancing Player Engagement: There’s nothing like a good taunt to get a player riled up and invested. Whether it’s a challenge they wish to rise to or a slight they seek to avenge, such interactions create memorable moments.
  3. Building a Richer World: Different creatures and races have their own cultures, histories, and ways of expression. A dwarf might value bravery and mock someone for their “lack of spine”, while an ogre could prioritize physicality, mocking a “scrawny” opponent. These slights, in turn, reflect deeper cultural values and norms, adding layers to world-building.

In the tables below, we offer a variety of insults and curses, tailored for specific races and scenarios. Use them as they are, or let them inspire your own. Whether aiming for humor or gravity, remember that the best games are those where players feel truly enmeshed in the world, hanging onto every word, every slight, and every curse.

Goblin insults and curses

1You're duller than a troll's tooth!May the swamp suck you under!
2Call yourself a warrior? More like a worm with armor!May the bats mistake you for a bug!
3Even a blind goblin could hit better than you!May your pockets always be empty except for spiders!
4Your stench would offend a bog troll!May the crows take your shiny bits!
5Got more brains in your big toe than your whole head!May you always step on sharp rocks!
6Ever seen an ogre dance? That's how you fight!May the warts of a thousand toads infest your feet!

Dwarven insults and curses

1Your beard's so scrawny, elves must've braided it!May your ale always be flat!
2Would trust an orc with my gold before I trust you!May stone floors feel soft beneath your boots!
3You've got the spine of a jellyfish, not a warrior!May your steps echo louder in dark places!
4Your voice sounds like a gnome with a cold!May the mountains never echo your name!
5Seen sturdier legs on a drunken goat!May your sleep be ever restless!
6Your ancestors would've sold you for a keg of bad ale!May you always feel a pebble in your shoe!

Human ruffian insults and curses

1Think you're tough? You look like you've never seen a brawl!May the city's alleys forever trap you!
2Fancy armor won't save you from a real fight!May every coin you spend turn to lead!
3I've met kittens more intimidating than you!May the pox take you in your sleep!
4All that magic, and still you reek of fear!May the winds always blow your cloak in your face!
5Stepped out of a noble's court, did ya? Streets aren't kind to your sort!May the gutters become your bed!
6You might impress peasants, but to me, you're just another mark!May your name be forgotten in these parts!

Human noble insults and curses

1Do you often parade in such... quaint attire?May your lineage crumble to dust!
2You speak with such conviction, for a commoner.May your wealth forever elude you!
3Is that the latest fashion where you come from? How... rustic.May every gala turn its nose up at you!
4Your mannerisms betray your humble upbringing.May your titles, if any, be forever tarnished!
5Such an adventurous spirit! How... novel.May you always be seated at the lesser tables!
6I imagine your bloodline is as diluted as weak tea.May your heirs be forever mocked!

Elven insults and curses

1Your lifespan is but a blink; so is your wisdom.May your days be fleeting and forgotten!
2Such crude manners! Were you raised by trolls?May the forest never grant you shelter!
3Your speech is as graceful as a hobgoblin's dance.May every melody turn sour in your ears!
4Your attire... Is it a common style amongst the short-lived?May the winds ever steer you from your path!
5Such a boisterous spirit for such a fleeting existence.May the stars hide their light from you!
6You carry the elegance of a mud-covered boar.May nature always stand as your obstacle!

Ogre insults and curses

1You're too scrawny for a full meal!Bugs bite you!
2You smell... not enough like food!Hungry wolves remember your scent!
3Lots of noise, but no meat on ya!Thunder growl at you every night!
4All that shiny stuff and you still look tasty!Hope your skin itch in places you can't reach!
5You think you scary? My toenail scarier than you!Mountains shake and drop rocks on your path!
6Tiny creature with big weapons, still just a snack!Wet feet, always!

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Closing thoughts on using insults and curses

It’s easy to get caught up in the grand things when building a campaign, the factions and how they interact with each other, the dungeon maps and the cool magic items you want to reward the players with. But don’t forget about the small details, because those are often the things that stick to your players memory. They might not remember if the leader of the silver hand knights was Richard the III or the II, but they will remember the time that goblin called the barbarian scrawny.


We believe in designing games and resources in a simple and elegant manner, to make it as easy as possible to both prep and run the game, letting you focus on having fun!