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Seek Strength. The Rest Will Follow”….

As a game master, introducing prophecies into your world can be an excellent way to inject a sense of mystery, intrigue, and excitement into your campaign. Prophecies can serve as an effective tool for driving the narrative forward either by giving you some much needed inspiration or by allowing your players to fill them with meaning, then you can build on the meaning they’ve created for themselves. Prophecies can be particularly useful for providing both players and characters with goals and motivations. Whether it’s hunting for a long-lost city, preventing an impending disaster, or fulfilling a destiny, a well-timed prophecy can give players a clear sense of purpose and direction.

The beauty of using prophecies in your game is that they can be as vague or as specific as you want. A vague prophecy can serve as a hook to kickstart a new quest, while a more detailed one can provide clues for a puzzle or hint at the outcome of a conflict. You can weave prophecies into the background of your world, making them an integral part of your setting’s lore, or use them as a tool to push the story in a particular direction. By planting seeds of mystery, anticipation, and curiosity in your players’ minds, prophecies can spark creativity and encourage them to take a more active role in shaping the story. In the hands of a skilled game master, a well-crafted prophecy can become a powerful tool for enhancing player engagement and building an unforgettable campaign.

This D66 prophecies generator makes it easy for you to add a crazy seer or oracle to your world. Just roll 2D6 and combine the numbers for one of 36 unique results. For example, a roll of 2 and 6 results in prophecy 26. If you enjoy it, take a look at our other D66 tables and generators! Also, be sure to check out our game, Adventurous on DriveThruRPG.

D66 Prophecies generator

D66 ResultProphecy
11When the moon turns to blood, a hidden treasure will be revealed.
12A hero shall rise from the ashes of a phoenix and wield the power of fire.
13In the dark caverns of the underland, an army of shadows shall awaken.
14The whispering winds will bring forth a storm of whispers.
15A silver-eyed wolf will lead the way to victory over a great foe.
16From the sea, a serpent shall emerge to grant a wish to a worthy soul.
21The sun shall weep tears of gold upon the blessed land.
22In the heart of a volcano, a gem of unimaginable power shall be found.
23When the clock strikes thirteen, a long-lost city will reappear.
24A serpent shall devour the sun and plunge the world into darkness.
25A song shall be sung that will shatter the chains of a thousand slaves.
26The stone shall bleed and reveal the true path to salvation.
31An eclipse shall reveal a hidden door in the mountains.
32When the dragon awakens, the rivers shall flow with molten gold.
33The stars shall dance in the sky, leading the way to the forgotten temple.
34A tree of silver leaves shall bear fruit of purest gold.
35A butterfly with wings of flame shall lead the chosen one to their destiny.
36When the earth trembles, a hidden city will rise from the depths.
41The ghost of a forgotten king shall return to reclaim his throne.
42A horned beast shall be tamed by a maiden with a voice of silver.
43The staff of the great wizard shall be discovered in the belly of a giant fish.
44A white raven shall signal the beginning of the final battle.
45The sword that cannot be broken shall be found in a pool of tears.
46When the moon and sun embrace, a rain of fire shall descend upon the land.
51A harp of bone shall play a song that will open the gates to the otherworld.
52When the comet passes, the world shall be forever changed.
53The last of the dragonriders shall return to free the world from tyranny.
54A rose of ice shall bloom in the desert, and a great secret shall be revealed.
55When the sun sets in the east, a champion shall rise from the depths.
56The serpent's egg shall hatch, and a new era of magic shall begin.
61The ring that was lost shall be found, and the rightful ruler shall ascend the throne.
62When the rivers run dry, the guardian of the forest shall awaken.
63The final battle shall be won with a word, not a sword.
64The world shall be reborn in the flames of a dragon's breath.
65When the owl calls thrice, the path to the underworld shall open.
66A stone shall fall from the sky and bring a new dawn to the world.

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