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Dawnfist Games

We are the creators of the Adventurous tabletop role-playing game!

Easy to learn

Adventurous is a tabletop role-playing game built from the ground up for players new to the hobby. The rules are not built on legacy systems and mechanics, instead they are built on feedback and input from players, novice to the TTRPG hobby, to make sure it’s all intuitive and easy to grasp.

We’ve designed the game to be easy to learn, so that you can be up and running within an hour, with characters created and rules learned!

Easy to play

All the classical aspects of fantasy tabletop role-playing games are here, but they have been streamlined for ease of use. Everything from the core mechanic to combat and spell casting follow the same simple formula, so that the game runs smoothly with minimal breaks to “check the rule book”.

We’ve designed Adventurous to be easy to play, so that you can focus on the game, and not get stuck looking up complicated rules.

Easy to run

The Game Master is also a player, and running the game should be fun. That’s why we’ve removed as much mental load as possible from the Game Master. Everything from player-facing rolls to the character progression system and combat management have been built to remove as much decision making as possible from the Game Master.

We’ve designed Adventurous to be easy to run, so that the Game Master can have as much fun as possible at the table.

Heat and steam as an obstacle